Great service
comes from the heart
Adult Treatment
Proper treatment
Is what wellness is all about.
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Value that is felt
outside the home.
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where it needs to be.
Private Homecare
Recovery & care
in the privacy & comfort
of your own home.
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Private Homecare

With just one call to ALC Home Health, our Private Home Care Services team can coordinate and tailor the specific needs for you or your family member of any age group. ALC is dedicated in providing customized
home health care services for adults and children in Miami, FL. Please be assured that we take your trust in the highest of regards and to benefit your overall care.

We are prepared to help you with all of your home care needs, to include but not limit:
• Skilled Nursing
• Home Physician Referral/Care
• Physical and Occupational Therapy
• Social Worker Services
• Home Health Aide
• Companion
• Overall Care Coordination
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Appointment Escort
• Home Maker
• Respite Care
• Legal Assistance Referral
• Financial Management Assistance Referral
• Medical Facility/Institution Consultation and Referral
• Transportation Services
• Mobile Diagnostic Services Referral
• Assistance with Community Services
(Meals on Wheels, STS, and Long Term Care Programs)
• On-site Patient Care Coordination Services
• Speech Therapy